About Me


Hi! I’m glad you made it here to know more about me.

I’m Noorul from Malaysia, wife and mother. Happily married to my beloved husband since March 2017, already had two children with one in heaven.

Graduated in accounting, now doing business together with my other half and also a full-time blogger.

Most of my writings are based on life experiences. Because without your own experiences, there can never be any feelings, heart or soul. 

Life is certainly a journey. Different facets of life has its ups and downs and camouflaged with feelings, which only the one who experienced them could relate. This is my happy place, and writing has always been my passion. 

I started writing on my own blog since college mainly about personal stuffs and student journeys. Now since I’m married, I love to share more about life, relationships, parenting, pregnancies, recipes, travel and many more.

It’s always a blessing doing what what you love, and supported by whom you loved.

Thank you all of your continuous support.

Keep reading and enjoy my blog! ♥


For any enquiries, reviews, advertorials or collaborations, you can contact me via email :

[email protected]